FENS & Dana Foundation International Brain Awareness Week 2017

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Dates and Duration: 13-19 March 2017


Cherine Fahim
Endoxa Neuroscience s.à.r.l
Château de Vaumarcus, le château 3, Centre Administratif International de Vaumarcus Bureau 305, 2028, Vaumarcus, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Tel: (141) 798731508
Email: endoxaneuroscience@gmail.com

During 5 days I have visited 8 primary and secondary schools in the Canton of Neuchâtel districts of: Cortaillod, Bevaix, Gorgier, Saint-Blaise, la Tène, and Neuchâtel Terraux (age range 6-15 years old). I planned 2 different powerpoint presentations adapted to the age of school students. The first focused on introducing the neuron, brain and ADHD to primary school kids and the second presentation focused on brain development, anxiety and stress for secondary school kids.

In addition to the powerpoint presentation, I have also prepared some hands-on activities like construct a neuron, or construct a brain with play doh. At the end of the presentation and activities the winners received a gift (either a rubber brain or a precious stone).

This 5 days plan was built on a strong belief that a new approach is needed: a structured but flexible model that facilitates neuroscience/brain knowledge development and implementation into health promotion and prevention as early as possible targeting school age children and adolescents.

This new approach is bridging the gap between neuroscience findings and the general public, especially children/adolescents and their teachers. Rapid, breakthrough change cannot happen in the field of childhood-teens mental health and learning unless neuroscientist, people, organizations, and systems learn from each other’s successes and failures. This requires a cluster for asking and answering questions such as: how to prevent stress from damaging/shaping the child-teen brain? Indeed, teachers need to learn more about what it is that is shaping kids’ brains. Kids need to learn

more about what it is that is shaping their brains. I have received very good feedback from teachers acknowledging the importance of such an event.

Our target was to let them learn what is the brain, what is shaping it for better and for worth. The objective of the DeStress and Shape your Brain workshops is to foster understanding of anxiety, stress, ADHD from an entertaining neuroscientific view so that these children-teens are prepared to prevent and manage stressful situations now and in the future. Most importantly, I have accompanied them into understanding that they can re-shape their brains.


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