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Endoxa Neuroscience is the first brain-research-based expertise and consultation enterprise in Switzerland. It is created with these aims (1) Enabling neuroscience knowledge translation to the general public; and (2) Catalyzing neuroscience education to classrooms, socio-medical institutions, independent hospitals and physicians. Endoxa Neuroscience is founded by Dr. Cherine FAHIM, an internationally renowned neuroscientist with a multidisciplinary educational background, employment history, research skills, awards, honors, fellowships, publications, presentations, research grants, professional memberships, service activities, editorial experience, and teaching experience. The plethora of her neuroscience experience allowed her to make the significant step of leaving academic neuroscience and brain imaging to build a public neuroscience enterprise. For more than a decade, the core components of her research focused on understanding how neurobiological and environmental variables are associated with behavioral and cognitive variation using specific established genetic diseases’ influences using neuroimaging. A particular focus was on individuals with genetic, neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions affecting learning, memory, movement, emotion, and behavior. These variables help in understanding brain disorders and making them more tractable by identifying and quantifying brain neurobiological markers that constitute the intermediate step along the gene-to-behavior pathway.

Is neuroscience public education important? Yes it is, as important as the public education of major medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and obesity. Neuroscience investigates the biological basis of behavior, which makes us human. Neuroscience is transforming our view of human development by revealing complex interactions among biology, genetics and the environment, including culture, which are shaping brain and behavior throughout life. For example, research in social neuroscience is causing scientists to reassess longstanding assumptions about the meaning of constructs (and false dichotomies) such as normal and/or abnormal cognition (versus emotion) and behavior (versus brain). What emerges is a more holistic view of human beings as dynamic, multidimensional phenomena that are simultaneously cognitive and emotional, behavioral and neural, social and individual, depending on how you approach the phenomena and how you measure them. Big neuroscience and open neuroscience rely on each other. We should acknowledge that sharing knowledge and increasing opportunities for dialogue between different communities of researchers and the general public would be beneficial to all. Therefore, endoxa neuroscience was started with the idea of cross-pollinating research neuroscience, public neuroscience and the industry. The idea came from the fact that over the last two decades, neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the brain.


Maximize the impact of neuroscience research. We believe that bridging between neuroscience, the general public, universities, socio-medical institutions, hospitals, schools, museums and the industry is the most effective way to achieve the greatest impact to the advantage of the community and the world.



The brain is all about wiring and so we are. We view endoxa neuroscience as the leading enterprise enabling knowledge translation, catalyzing education, empowering entrepreneurial and management capacity to build a thriving knowledge.