Endoxa neuroscience integrates collaborations at all levels of its work. Collaborators shall ensure that endoxa neuroscience’s activities are of high scientific quality. National and international members provide information regarding neuroscientific advances and initiatives which can make a contribution to our goals, and the point where fruitful collaborations could be established. Honorary members are (in alphabetical order):


  • Assistant Professor Dr. Linda BOOIJ, CHU Sainte-Justine, Queen’s University,
  • Josée Nadia DROUIN, Agence Science-Presse (ASP),
  • Professor Dr. Alan C. EVANS, McGill University,
  • Esther GAUDREAULT, Francophone Association for Knowledge (ACFAS),
  • Chief-Physician Dr. Umberto GIARDINI, Centre Neuchâtelois de Psychiatrie,
  • Privat-Docent Dr. Olivier JORAND, University of Fribourg,
  • Dr. Adham MANCINI MARIE assistant clinical chief Centre Neuchâtelois de Psychiatrie,
  • Dr. Joanne LEBEL, French Association for Knowledge (ACFAS),
  • Professor Dr. Stéphane POTVIN, University of Montreal,
  • Prof Adrianna MENDREK, Université de Bishop Québec,
  • Professor Dr. Emmanuel STIP, University of Montreal,
  • Professor Dr. Uicheul YOON, Catholic University of Daegu, Korea.
  • Canadian Association of Neuroscience